How to Update Your Contact Info

How to Update Your Contact Info


Don’t Miss Out on Important Information!

Parents can now log onto the Student Reservation system to update their
phone numbers and email addresses
Providing up-to-date contact information will enable you to receive:
• Communications about emergencies or severe weather events
• Timely information about school or district events
• Information and status updates about choice and other special application


To update your information:

1. Visit and log in with your parent username
(P.xxxxxx) and password. If you do not have a parent ID, you can get one by
going to any school and presenting a valid photo ID.

2. Select the option: “Change Phone and Email Address Only”

3. Enter your child’s name and date of birth or student ID number, and then
update your phone number and email address.

Remember: Updating the emergency contact card at your child’s school does not update
your contact information in the system used for automated phone calls and emails.
Please check and update your contact information as soon as possible.


Questions? Call the Student Assignment Office at 727-588-6210.

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