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Executive & Chair Positions

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Marianne Shaffer
Recording Secretary
Christie Bruner
Membership Chair
Tonya Smart


(from the John Hopkins Middle PTSA ByLaws)

Section 1.
The executive board shall consist of the officers of the association, the chairs of standing committees and the principal of the
school or a representative appointed by him/her. If constituted as a PTSA, the board shall include at least one student. The chair of the standing committees shall be selected by the officers of the association. The members of the executive board shall serve until the election and qualification of their successors.

Section 2.
A PTA member shall not serve as a voting member of a constituent organization’s board at the local, council, district, region,
state or national level while serving as a paid employee of or under contract to that constituent organization.

Section 3.
The duties of the executive board shall be:
a. To transact necessary business in the intervals between association meetings and such other business as may be
referred to it by the association.
b. To create standing committees.
c. To approve the plans of work of the standing committees.
d. To present a report at the regular meetings of the association.
e. To prepare and submit to the association for approval a budget for the fiscal year.
f. To approve routine bills within the limits of the budget.

Section 4.
Regular meetings of the executive board shall be held monthly during the school year, the time to be fixed by the board at its
first meeting of the year. A majority of the executive board members shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings of the executive board may be called by the president or by a majority of the members of the board. A treasurer’s report must be given at every board meeting.