Board Member

As president, be sure to:

  1. If not already done, complete the online, even if you are serving a second term, New/Returning Officer Registration form ( If officers change, update the information on the website.
  2. Obtain the files from last year’s president and study them thoroughly. If your PTA doesn’t already have procedure books, set them up. Be sure each book includes a copy of your state approved bylaws. Stress the im-portance of the procedure books and keep up with your own!
  3. Read and become familiar with the FPTA Kit of Materials, PTA Purposes, the National PTA President’s Quick Reference Guide, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, and your local unit bylaws. Discuss these at an early executive committee meeting.
  4. Select committee chairs early, according to the bylaws.
  5. Have as many as possible attend Leadership Convention and county council workshops.
  6. Ask committee chairs to prepare plans of work to be submitted at an early executive meeting in the fall.
  7. Distribute materials from the Kit of Materials to officers and committee chairs.
  8. Distribute materials sent to you during the year to the appropriate committee chair.
  9. Meet with the principal to discuss school/PTA plans for the year and to keep apprised of PTA activities throughout the year. Have another elected officer attend with you.
  10. Meet with your officers and other members of your board.
  11. Hold a combined executive committee meeting with retiring and incoming officers and committee chairs.
  12. Send list of officers and committee chairs to your county council president.
  13. Familiarize yourself with information about membership dues reporting requirements, IRS EIN numbers, insur-ance and tax exemptions from the Kit of Materials.
  14. Be sure your PTA is represented at all county, region and state meetings, workshops and conventions. If una-ble to attend, you may ask someone to represent you.
  15. Display Purposes Chart at all meetings.
  16. Make your members feel they are a real part of the PTA. Keep them informed. Share the PTA jobs.
  17. Review each year your local unit Bylaws. They are a tool for you to use for your PTA. If you don’t have a copy of your bylaws, email:, requesting a copy. Include your name, PTA name and county. Bylaws are required to be reviewed and updated, at a minimum, every three years, and sent to the State Office for approval. Bylaws are not approved until an approved copy is received from the State Office.