Recording Secretary

Christie Bruner
Board Member

As the recording secretary and keeper of the PTA records, you will:

  1. Assist the president in preparing an agenda.
  2. Record and retain minutes of meetings. Keep them brief and to the point. Do not record opinion and discussion. Do record:
  • Type of meeting (regular, special, annual, executive).
  • Name of association.
  • Date, time and place of meeting.
  • Presence of president and secretary, or in their absence, the names of their substitutes.
  • Quorum present.
  • Reading and action on minutes of previous meeting.
  • Treasurer’s Report.
  • Correspondence, announcements, committee reports.
  • All motions (except those withdrawn); points of order and appeals, whether sustained or lost; and the name of each member who introduced a main motion, but not the name of the seconder.
  • Program topic, method of presentation, names of participants and important points covered.
  • Time of adjournment.
  • Signed ________________________________
  1. Act as custodian of PTA records. Keep a permanent file of all minutes, agendas, reports, the charter and an approved copy of the local unit bylaws.
  2. Carry reference material to each meeting. You never know when you’re going to need: file of minutes, local bylaws, local budget, executive board list, council handbook, council and local newsletters, Florida PTA eNewsletter, and National PTA President’s Quick Reference Guide.
  3. Furnish delegates with credentials when necessary.
  4. Make sure officers are updated, if any changes are made, to Florida PTA via the online submission form.
  5. Notify county council of names of council delegates. Keep this list up-to-date.
  6. Maintain a procedure book.