Marianne Shaffer
Board Member

As treasurer, you will:
1. Receive and disburse all monies prescribed in the local bylaws or as authorized by action of the association and keep a proper and accurate account of all transactions. Make all entries in the treasurer’s records in ink, and back up computer files monthly.
2. Submit membership dues to the state office MONTHLY. Founders Day gifts are accepted at any time. The state office forwards half the amount received to the National PTA.
3. Be familiar with all references to dues and finance in the local and state bylaws, Florida PTA Dollar$ and $en$e and the National PTAs Finance Quick Reference Guide.
3. Review annually the Florida Department of Revenue section of the Florida PTA Dollar$ and $en$e.
4. Prepare a budget with the committee (subject to local bylaws), present to executive board for consideration and to the local unit for adoption at the first general meeting of the year.
5. Receive and deposit all money in the name of the association in a bank approved by the board and re-ported to the general membership. Use method of signing checks (two signatures required) as prescribed in bylaws and as on record with bank. Make and keep a duplicate copy of deposits.
6. Review Standing Rules and Procedures for deposits and expenses with new officers and applicable committee chairs.
7. Count money with person presenting it and issue receipt immediately for all funds received.
8. Require completed reimbursement request forms and/or invoices/receipts for all monies expended. Re-view for conformance with budget, then pay all requests by check. You and the president should co-sign all checks unless the check is made payable to you; then the third signer would co-sign with the president. Forms are available in the forms section of the Dollar$ and $en$e.
9. Never change or exceed budget on any item without vote of association except in emergency and then only on approval of the president and subsequent ratification or as local bylaws or standing rules provide for emergency expenditures.
10. Keep up with use of funds under various budgeted accounts in order that you may recommend any needed budget amendments to the local association. With the budget committee, review budget at mid-year and recommend amendments if necessary for board and membership approval.
11. Make a financial statement at all board and general meetings with a copy for the secretary signed by the treasurer. Financial statements include an updated budget vs. actual and a list of transactions for the reporting period.
12. Submit treasurer’s records to the audit committee named by the executive committee for a financial review.
13. Make sure there is a sound fiscal policy for protection of PTA funds, which should include securing insurance for bonding treasurer, president and all check signers.
Treasurer / 2017-2018, Section 2, Page 15
14. Prepare and submit the required IRS 990 forms by November 15th. All PTAs MUST file. It is recommended that the treasurer leaving office complete the required forms at the end of the fiscal year, before the filing deadline. Refer to FPTA Dollar$ and $en$e and NPTA Finance Quick Reference Guide for assistance. Forward a copy of the 990N acceptance email from the IRS or a copy of the return receipt showing the tax return was delivered to the IRS to the Florida PTA state office (send via email to:
15. Prepare an annual report summarizing all income and expenses per the budget for the fiscal year. This report is to be presented at the last general meeting of the year.
16. Keep a record of the national and state portions of membership dues separate from the record of the general fund as this money does not belong to the local association.
17. Send $3.50 for each member to the state PTA office. Of this amount, the state will remit $2.25 per member to the National PTA. Be sure to send the correct amount. Membership dues must be sent to the State Office, monthly, as collected.
18. Remit dues as collected, being careful to give complete information on the Remittance Form supplied by the state office ( Check the Awards Section for instructions on how to earn the Early Bird Awards.
19. Make all checks payable to:
Florida PTA
1747 Orlando Central Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32809
20. Call the state office if you receive anything concerning the IRS. Study the 990/TAX information in the Kit of Materials.